A whole lot of nothin…

me: What’s all that?

Jack: I’m drawing my formulating plans.

me: (?) Formulating?

Jack: (drawing furiously) yeah, plans…

me: Plans of what?

Jack: Something (draw, draw, draw)

me: Something big?

Jack: It’s gonna be something that you’re not involved in.

me: Nice. You can’t include your Mom?

Jack: (silence)

me: Huh?

Jack: No.

me: Sigh. (I watched him for a few minutes. He copied all of the symbols for Microsoft Word, Powerpoint and Excel onto multiple sheets of paper.) So what are all those shapes?

Jack: Computer stuff.

me: For what?

Jack: Oh nothing, soooo.

me: So, what…

Jack: So, MYOB.

me: Is that nice?

Jack: If I don’t want to let you in on something, sure.

me: What’s all that other artwork?

Jack: Cuz I wanted to do something that I’m trying to do… I don’t remember (he keeps drawing)

me: Then how do you know what you’re doing?

Jack: I’m good at it.

me: Modest too.

Jack: (Stops drawing and looks up at me. Resumes drawing.)

me: Why are you going over there?

Jack: Now I’m switching all these pushpins for other pushpins so I can make them tighter. I switch them so they’re better. (he leaves the room and I hear running, then he comes back out of breath)

me: What now?

Jack: I need these keys! Ummm just for a minute.

me: Don’t pull them out, just turn them gently!

Jack: Oh, that was stupid of me SORRY!

me: We’re leaving in a few minutes okay?

Jack: Okay, I’ll be done formulating by then.

me: Then you’ll tell me what’s going on?

Jack: No.

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