I couldn't possibly make this sh*t up.

That’s not a potty, that’s a window!

When Jack was very small, about 1 and a half, he started making a very specific noise for “potty” or “peepee”. It was a bit like machine gun fire, or helicopter noise “eh-eh-eh-eh-eh-eh!” said really fast. It was our first clue that he had to use the bathroom and that he had a “word” to call it. So whenever he made the ehehehehehehhhh sound, we would say POTTY and go put him on it.

So, this joke started at around the same time. Jack and I would be playing in the basement, and he would suddenly point up to the ceiling (in the direction of the potty) and make the eheheheheheheh noise. I, of course thought he was pointing at the cellar window and would say “Jack, that’s not a potty, that’s a window!” and he would crack up and do it again. I should have guessed that he had to pee.

Months later, we’d be in the store and Jack would make the noise, now as a way to get me to laugh, and I would cue up and say “that’s not a potty that’s a window!” even though we were walking down a toy aisle. The phrase sort of lingered on and we even still say it here or there.

Today we didn’t really have a fascination with potties, but Jack was definitely having some issues with windows!

Jack: Oh, I am sooo sweating! (drama, swooning, fainting)

me: You can open your window if you want.

Jack: (Window goes down partway) Ahhhhhh…

Now it’s making the whoop whoop whoop sound it makes when you have only one window open and I have to open the front window to equalize the pressure.

me: Sheesh I hate that noise!

Jack; (puts his window down all the way) I need more fresh air. Look, I can hang my toy out the—

me: Jack! Hands in the window! Put it up halfway please…

Jack: Ehhhh, I’m getting cold. Plus it’s too noisy…(he puts his window all the way up and now mine is making the whoop whoop whoop sound)

me: Argh! I can’t stand that… (so I put my window up).

Jack: It’s hot again. Maybe I’ll just put mine down a little…

(whoop whoop whoop)

me: Stoppit. No more windows. Up down up down, It’s starting to drive me crazy! (I probably overreacted but then I locked the windows in the “up” position)

Jack: Heyyyyy! I need mine open!!!

me: Unzip your coat if you’re hot.

Jack: No fair!

We get home and pull into the garage. I guess Jack has to pee, and he probably remembered the sound from when he was little because he starts going “Eh eh eh eh eh eh eheheheheheheh!” And I point to the garage window “that’s not a potty that’s a window!” and we both crack up as we remember how the joke started about 4 and a half years ago.


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