I couldn't possibly make this sh*t up.

More dreams

(again this was from last night, but ugh, what a night I had…even pushing “publish” would have been too hard for me)

me: Sweet dreams…

Jack: Goodnight. I don’t have dreams so you don’t have to say that.

me: Oh really? You tell me about all these crazy dreams and then you say you don’t dream? How’s that?

Jack: Because they’re real.

me: Your dreams?

Jack: They’re not dreams.

me: Sigh. Then the things that you see at night are real?

Jack: Yeah. I saw Great Grandpa.

me: You did?

Jack: He said hi to me. So that was real.

me: Oh, that’s nice Jack. What did you say?

Jack: I couldn’t really talk, but he was visiting me.

me: Do you miss him?

Jack: Yeah. Will he come back alive?

me: No.

Jack: Sigh. Maybe he’ll visit me again.

me: I’m sure he will sweetie. He loved you very much.

Jack: He still loves me.

me: I know. Well, Goodnight and I hope you have some fun visitors tonight.

Jack; That sounds scary.

me: Sorry.


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