Russian Training

As some of you know, I’m trying to learn some Russian for a trip I’m taking this October. Da. It’s true. It’s coming along pretty well. Jack likes learning the new words and really has a good accent. Complete with the rolling RRRR’s. He does sound a little British when he practices, but still, not bad!

Jack: Some Russian kids are coming to my school tomorrow Mom.

me: That’s a coincidence! Now you can use some of your Russian words. You can say “hi, how are you”

Jack: I think I forgot… (he thinks for a minute) Priveeat, Kak Deela.

me: Perfect!

Jack: How do you say “My name is…”

me: MenYA Savoot…Jack!

Jack: How do you translate my name to Russian?

me: You don’t. It’s still Jack.

Jack: But how are they going to know it’s me???

me: When you say it you point to yourself when you say Jack. I think they know that.

Jack: But how does my name sound in Russian?

me: It sounds the same. Jack.

Jack: (getting more frustrated) How do you say your name in Russian?

me: MenYA Savoot Debi.

Jack: Ohhh, because it’s your name! They don’t change it.

me: Yeah, we don’t change our names just to be Russian.

Jack: Then how come they changed all of the other words?

me: Uhhh…They didn’t really change them… they…

Jack: Oh, I know, it’s just because they learn the words different over there so that’s all. But we’re from over here so we stay the same.

me: Good explanation. (whew)

До свидания! Dazveedanya!

до завтра! Do zavtra!

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