On this date…many years ago


Yes that’s the year Jack was born. So, let’s go back to March 31, 2005. What oh what could we have been doing then? Free time? Hahahahahaha! Sleep? Oh you must be joking. Well actually Jack WAS a pretty good sleeper, but still! A new baby in the house! Holla! Jack didn’t say a lot of sh*t back then. Mostly cried and the usual carrying on. But he was a good sleeper! I mentioned that right? Ahhhh, it’s the only thing that parents care about that first year, and Jack actually bestowed it upon us. What a good boy!

Jack aka Mob Boss
See? I told you he was a good sleeper!
The Papasan Napping Station

So then we travel to 2006. A one-year-old in the house? Once they start crawling and walking, you will never sit still again. I’m not sitting still even now, as I type this! Jack had a few words back then. Mostly Ka, Caaa, and Coo Coo. They all referred to food and the Christmas tree.

Jack: How come babies crawl. Don’t they have enough sense to get up and walk?

me: They’re legs don’t work.

Jack: Pffft. Mine worked fine.

me: Oh really? Mr. I-coudn’t-walk-until-after-I-was-one?

Jack: I could walk. I just didn’t want to.

Tearing up the cabinets. Now that he could walk of course.
Stroller ride in the hood!

And now we’re up to 2007. Jack finally got some hair. And some curls. He said things in full sentences finally. We could not wait for him to talk. (And now look where that got us, hahaha)

Love those eyes.
Always with Mr. Thumb and "baby kitty"... this was before we lost BK and got "Stripey"
See? The thumb was always in. I can't believe he stopped this year. 😦

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