I couldn't possibly make this sh*t up.

If your plan’s so great, why are we still stuck here

And other such quotes from Jack’s day will follow.

First, thanks WordPress for making me think anyone reads this. (Slow clap for you). I’m a little easy to sneak up on in the last 15 minutes of April Fool’s Day. Yet still a fool!


Jack: (said to a friend at school, or so he says) If you have so many escape plans, then why are we still stuck here??

me: So, he said that about school?

Jack: Of course, what else would we want to escape from?

me: (wondering if my many chain-watches of Prison Break are beginning to cloud reality a bit) Why would you want to escape? You play, eat snacks, have gym, then go to art and recess and do a few math sheets.

Jack: Because it’s SCHOOL. Everyone wants to escape. I wish I could really use the force. (he pauses deep in thought) Or…that my eyes could cut laser beams. Sigh.

me: It’s tough being six, ehh?


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