What does “doing nothing” actually mean?

Jack and I were sitting on the couch. We had eaten dinner and had watched a few minutes of his “Robots” video. I told Jack it was time for a bath.

Jack: Can’t we just LAY here for a few minutes and rest?

me: (slowly putting my head back) Jack, if I stop moving I’ll fall asleep. Ahhhh, it is nice to do nothing for a minute, isn’t it?

I move at full throttle all day from 5:15 am until about 11 pm. I should not be up that late because I need 8 hours of sleep, but there’s not enough time I tell you!

Jack: What do you mean “do nothing”. You’re breathing. You’re resting. You can never do nothing. Oh! Then you’d be dead?

me: Noooo, this is doing nothing. Just laying here.

Jack: But your mouth is open!

me: So? My mouth is not doing anything! (well now it’s yelling…)

Jack: But it’s IMPOSSIBLE to do nothing.

me: Yeah, maybe for you Mr. Ants in the Pants. Try sitting still at school for once.

Jack: How rude!

me: Yep. (I start to close my eyes) We really have to do a bath, Jack.

Jack: See? Your nothing only lasts about 2 seconds.

me: And that is very true. Now let’s go.

I need about a week of “doing nothing” to just clear my head from this week. Ugh. Goodnight!

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