I was already up yesterday

Jack: MOMMMMM!!!

me: (glancing at the clock…5:45am)  Ughhh, What??

Jack: I’m wet. I think.

me: Okay come on. (I grab clean clothes and lead him to the bathroom) When you’re done, put on these clean undies and pants.

Jack: My pants were dry!

me: Yeah I know.

Jack: Then why do I have NEW pants.

me: Who said they were NEW! I said put on PANTS! Sigh.

Jack: Oh… (he changes and gets into bed). How long til morning?

me: Hours and hours. Goodnight.

Jack: Goodnight.

I went back to bed and heard Jack talking for the next 20 minutes. Pitter patter of feet down the stairs. My door opens.

Jack: I’m not tired.

me: So I gathered. (yawn!)

Jack: Can I play legos in the hall by myself?

me: (?) Uh, sure, be my guest.

Jack: You wait here.

me: No problem-o. (I promptly fall back to sleep for at least another hour. Yay!)

Jack: (coming back in) Can I watch Sponge Bob?

me: No. Let me get up and get you some breakfast.

Jack: I feel like I’ve been up forever, like since yesterday.

me: That’s what happens when you wake up early like that. You’ll be tired later.

Jack: Well, I was already up yesterday like that and I wasn’t tired.

me: I call pitching a fit before bed…TIRED.

Jack: I just call that “you’re not doing what I want”.

me: LOL! Okay, fine. Let’s go eat.

Jack: Did you have a nice little nap? I’m telling Daddy you slept while I played. (he gives me an evil smile)

me: Nice. Thanks Jack.

Jack: Then you should have gotten up yesterday with me.

me: It was today, don’t you remember? An hour ago?

Jack: Yeah, but you do this all the time.

OH yeah as if I’m just sleeping and lounging my life away over here. Someone please let me know when they see me sitting still with my feet up, or taking a nap. Just doesn’t happen anymore. But I like how Jack perceives all of that. I must look pretty lazy to him.

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