I couldn't possibly make this sh*t up.

Dr. Jack – Episode 1

Jack: You’re a little girl and you don’t want to have any shots. Cry alot.

me: Wahhhhhh!!!!!

Jack: Oh, it’s okayyy, the shots don’t hurt. We put you to sleep anyway.

me: Asleep for a shot?

Jack: Yeah, that’s the way real doctors should do it. Then they don’t have to hear all the screaming.

me: Interesting idea.

Jack: Stop talking, I tranquilized you.

me: Oh. (feign sleeping)

Jack: You’re done, wake up! (he punches me in the arm)

me: OW! What kind of doctor hits a little kid?

Jack: You wouldn’t know it because you’re asleep. You would just wake up and your arm would hurt from the shot so you wouldn’t know.

me: Wouldn’t know you punched me?

Jack: Yeah.

me: Can’t I just wake up on my own without being punched?

Jack: That takes too long.

Sheesh, just like a doctor to worry about how many patients he could fit into one day. You should have seen the next episode of Dr. Jack. He put on blue latex gloves and chased Bella around because he was playing “vet”. She was totally giving him the WTF look over her shoulder as she scooted around the house.

And now for some belated pics from this past weekend:

Jack destroying the kitchen with his "restaurant"

Being goofy!

Easter Egg hunt at Waveny Park, New Canaan, CT

Eyeballing his eggs

Finally, some eggs!

Bouncy house - waiting to get in

And he's in!

Practicing for the bunny hop race

In full competition mode! He came in 2nd I think...it was mayhem...

New bunny ears! 🙂 Then we lost them. 😦

Jack and Chloe after the egg hunt

Look! My favorite bird!



One response

  1. John

    The “punch” one was funny


    April 13, 2011 at 4:48 pm

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