I’m feeling kinda sick

Jack is not a faker. Never has been. BUT…I know that kids learn the magic of “faking” it at some point. Could it be now? When do you know!!!???  A few weeks ago we were driving in the car and Jack got really pale. He said he felt weird, and I chalked it up to motion sickness, because he always reads in the car. It happened a few more times. Then he was “nauseous” at school a couple times, which I think I wrote about last week? We found out that the chocolate milk at school gives him a tummy ache. So, no more chocolate milk at school. THEN his ear started popping, and it turned out to be “not really anything we can do about it”. Just a little fluid. A couple days ago Jack started needing his albuterol inhaler because he was having trouble breathing. AND, his other ear is “making popping noises” now. I found out yesterday (from Jack and not from the school) that Jack was at the nurse for feeling “weird” and for breathing trouble. Did they call me? NO. Luckily Jack remembered to tell me that little tidbit. Here is our conversation from this morning.

Jack: (entering my room at 7:05am) Mommm, I really really feel almost 1% nauseous today and I don’t think I feel well enough to go to school. I think I have a fever too.

me: (feeling his head) You’re not hot sweetie…

Jack: But I FEEL so very hot right now. I’m too tired for even having breakfast…sighhhh…

me: Climb up here with me and rest for another minute and we’ll see how you feel.

Jack: I don’t know if I can climb up…sighhhhh…

me: Come here. You’re not hot at all. Are you breathing okay?

Jack: (takes exaggerated breaths) It’s kinda hard. I think maybe I should just rest at home today.

me: We’re not staying home today, so you’ll just have to see how you feel.

Jack: Ohhh, I’m totally 1% not feeling well.

me: Do you mean 100%?

Jack: No, just 1%.

me: Okay, that’s not too bad.

Jack: If I go to the nurse, will you come pick me up?

me: If you have trouble breathing I’ll come bring your inhaler. You shouldn’t miss school unless your really really sick.

Jack: Can I have Motrin?

me: For what?

Jack: The ear popping. Remember the doctor said to give me Motrin and I would feel better? You never gave me Motrin!

me: (yikes) Okay, I’ll get you some before you go to school. That should help your ear.

And what do I do? I forget to give him the Motrin. Oh well…I’ll see if I get the phone call today from the nurse. It’s weird because Jack doesn’t fake when he feels sick, and I’ve seen a bunch of little symptoms over the last couple of weeks…but still…I think he’s working it! Can’t wait for high school!

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