Allergen-free cookie mix

I decided to try Cherrybrook Kitchen’s “Arthur” cookie mix that I found at the store the other day. I think it was in Stop & Shop. It said peanut free, tree nut free, egg free, dairy free, but NOT gluten free. I mean, it has to have SOMEthing in it, right? We made the batch up yesterday after my brother and I did our 5-mile muddy run in the rain, wind and general coldness. BRRRRR! We’re so tough, eh? We had a good dinner of baked salmon and veggies, and needed something sweet to chase it down. (After the ‘Blue Hawaii” drinks that Dennis made us, that is).

The cookie batter tasted pretty good and I kept stealing bites. It was promising! They baked up okay too, but I had to press the mounds down to flatten them, and I needed to bake them for about 13 minutes instead of 8-10, because I used my beat-up baking stone. That sucker gets lots of use, let me tell you!

Overall I would have to say that these cookies were really good for having “nothing in them”. A great find especially if you have kids with allergies, or if you’re looking for a healthy alternative to store-bought cookie dough. Just add water and butter. Can’t beat that!

Jack: Are the cookies ready yet?

me: Jack, you’re stirring the mix right now. Do they look ready?

Jack: Can I try a chocolate chip??? Sigh, I know I know, no batter because of raw eggs…

me: Actually, you can try this batter. No eggs!

Jack: How is that possible!!!??? (he grabs a hunk) MMMMM!

me: Not bad, right? Let’s see how they taste when they’re baked.

We took them out and let them cool for a minute or two. They didn’t brown up too much, I could have left them in a minute or two longer even.

Uncle John: They taste pretty good for having nothing in them.

Jack: What are they, air? Hahahahaha. Can I have two?

me and Uncle John: NO!!!   (the boy was already hopped up on sugar from some vanilla ice cream)

Jack: Awwwww, but there’s nothing in them, so that means there’s no sugar.

me: There’s definitely sugar. And a whole stick of butter. You know what’s weird? My mouth is itching like I’M allergic to something in this mix. Weird!

Uncle John: How are you allergic when there’s nothing in them?

me: Dunno.

Jack: Just one more cookieeeeeeee?????

me: Nope.

Jack: (muttering something that sounded like “I’ll just have to sneak back in here and take one when you’re not looking”)

me: And I heard that. No.

Jack: Sigh…

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