I couldn't possibly make this sh*t up.

And we’re off!

Literally, in just a few sad sad hours. I will get approximately 4 hours of sleep before Jack and I hit the road to the airport. We’ll be in Florida by 10am. Amazing. Can’t wait for the warm/hot weather!

me: Jack please pack your suitcase, I’ve asked you like 6 times.

Jack: I did pack it!

me: It’s almost empty.

Jack: No, I packed toys, a few books, 4 shirts, my inhaler and my toothbrush.

me: Oh sweetie, you don’t have to pack clothes and stuff, I just want you to pack the fun stuff you can use on the plane and in the hotel, okay?

Jack: I’m big enough to pack that stuff!

me: I know, but we still need to use it before bed and when we wake up. I’ll take care of that.

Jack: Then why are you rushing me to pack, lady!

me: (warning look)

Jack: I mean that in a NICE way.


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