Isn’t it ironic?

Dontcha think? Come on I had to say that. The song that always reminds me of Ryan Reynolds, because he dated Alanis Morisette, and then they broke up and he dated and then married Scarlett Johansson and now THEY got divorced omg why and now SHE is dating…gag…Sean Penn. Really?

Why was I writing all that? Oh yeah. Jack asked me… (wait, say “Jack asked” really fast and you’ll wonder why I get stares and people don’t understand what I just said). So, Jack HAD asked this question today.

Jack: What does “ironic” mean?

me: It’s like when you try to do something and it doesn’t work out but sort of backfires on you and…

Jack: Huh?

me: Like if I tried to break your toy and couldn’t do it and then I turned around and accidentally broke my own toy…that would be ironic.

Jack: Oh.

me: Or if I was outside carrying an umbrella because it was supposed to rain, but then it didn’t.

Jack: That’s not ironic, that’s just something else. Like good luck.

me: Oh, well yeah I guess that isn’t ironic.

Jack: Or if a cop was carrying an umbrella and then tried to get a bad guy with it but then the bad guy took the umbrella and ran away and then it started raining, it would be ironic on the cop.

me: Hmmm, maybe you do understand it better than me.

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