Catch phrases – none of them really good

Just because I need to correct Jack countless times during the day for various phrases he has picked up, I thought I would document them in case (fingers crossed) he ever outgrows them. There is hope. He’s outgrowing “Meh” so that’s a plus! “Whatever” is still pretty high on his list. Sigh.

Jack’s phrases range from the zinger one-liner to the long sentence with the rude delivery. Here’s what I can recall at the moment. Some you may have heard in earlier posts. Just remember, 6-year-old boys are big loud-mouthed show offs at this point. Or at least mine is.

“Hey Ladeeeee!” (said to me, usually when there’s a crowd so that he can show off)

“I’m gonna pass gas” (thanks Joey!)

“Listen Missez…” (also reserved especially for me)

“This is ANNOYing, I’m outta here!” (said whenever he’s bored)

“Fart, fart, fart fart fart fartfartfartfart” (said just to get as many foul words out as possible)

“I’ll meet you at the car” (show-off mode, said when there are other kids around. I usually have to embarrass him and threaten with a time out)

“I want boobie!” (thanks to my sister who told a story about her son when he was little and breastfeeding)

“Don’t make me come up there!” (when he’s in the backseat and someone up front isn’t listening to him)

“Water, water…it’s like a desert out here!”

Do you see a trend? He doesn’t pick up the nice pleases and thank-yous as easily. Do you notice? There are more, believe me. It’s just that as I type this, I get a little depressed at the constant language he uses. My day is filled with warnings and threats.

Anyway, Happy Easter! The Easter Bunny must find his way to a remote hotel in Boca Raton. Let your mind wander through the logistics of THAT little scenario. What a Mom will do for her kid, eh?

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