I couldn't possibly make this sh*t up.

Last day in Florida

Lots of tears from the various cousins, once they realized that we are going home tomorrow and it was the last time to play. Jack was sad too. “Let’s move to Florida!!!” was a constant request this past week. That would be nice, wouldn’t it? Except for June. July. August and September. Ugh. The heat, my GOD the HEEEEAAATTTTT! Yeah. No.

BTW I’m watching Biggest Loser right now and MAN did they lose some weight. I’ve actually lost weight this week too. Though not 101 pounds. I “feel” lighter, so that’s good. Except for the big piece of lasagna that Jack and I shared for dinner (because we were starving on the way back to the hotel…after we swore we were not hungry at all), we pretty much ate small meals, with not too too much junk. No snacking, so that’s a plus. No sweets really either, despite this being Easter weekend, and having the Easter Bunny deliver directly to the hotel room. He rocks! Or is it a she? I think it’s a he, like Santa. The tooth fairy (no initial caps??) is a girl…sooo what else is there? Eh, anyway I’m digressing. We had a good week, lots of sun…helllooooo burnt arms that look like bacon!

Jack: Are we going to sit next to the same guy on the plane tomorrow?

me: No I don’t think so sweetie.

Jack: But why? He has to go home too.

me: I think he’s already home. They took a different flight.

Jack: Then who are we sitting next to??

me: We’ll find out when we get there.

Jack: I don’t want to leave Florida ever!

me: What about all your friends?

Jack: Eh, I’ll get new ones. I want to go to the beach!!!

me: We can go in a few months back home.

Jack: But Florida has beach time right NOW.

me: I know, cool huh?

Jack: Can we come back and visit soon?

me: Oh I’m not sure…maybe in the winter?

Jack: NEXT winter??????

me: Yeah, we’d have to wait for our summer and fall to be over…

Jack: That’s what’s the worst about vacations. They have to end and then you never know if you’re going back.

me: We’ll be back soon. Before you know it.

Jack: But I know it right now and we’re not back yet!

me: Jack, we haven’t left yet.

Jack: What’s your point with that???

me: Sigh…


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