He gets the maths from me

Jack: Mom, don’t forget you owe me $4.54 from my Easter eggs.

me: Oh yeah…I used all the quarters but I have dollars. (I fish around and find a ten) Here, take this up to your piggy bank and bring me back 5 single dollars.

Jack: But why? You owe ME money!

me: I’m giving you 10 but I only owe you 5, well less than 5, so you owe ME 5.

Jack: (starting the frustrated whine) That doesn’t make sense! Can I just have my money??

me: Look, If I have 10 dollars and give you 5, how much will I have left?

Jack: 5.

me: Right. But, since I don’t have 5 single dollars to give you, I’m giving you 10. Do I owe you 10?

Jack: No, you owe me $4.54.

me: Well I’m rounding up to $5.00. I’m giving you 46 extra cents.

Jack: Not yet you haven’t.

me: Sigh…So if I give you 10, but I really only owe you 5, how much more money are you getting?

Jack: 5 dollars more.

me: Right. So I want you to give me the extra 5 back from your bank.

Jack: It just doesn’t make sense but fine…I’ll do it. I actually just wanted the change so I could put it in this new crayon bank I got.

me: Oh, I didn’t know you wanted change. Here, take the change from my wallet. But then you still have to go get me the 5 dollars from upstairs. Then wash your hands because it’s disgusting to touch all that money.

Jack puts all the coins in his new tiny crayon piggy bank. He then washes his hands, grabs the bank, takes two steps and screams as the bottom falls out and the pennies and dimes go everywhere.

Jack: Ahhhhh! Can you get me a doctor’s glove or something so I can pick this up because I am NOT washing my hands again!!!

me: Sigh…just pick it up Jack… (When he’s done I tape the bottom shut)

Jack: Okay I’ll bring this upstairs later…(he plunks the crayon bank randomly on the edge of his desk and saunters away).

me: Uh, noooo, go bring that upstairs and get me the 5 dollars.

Jack: Are you still worrying about the 5 stupid dollars, sorry!!! (he runs up and brings me the 5 singles). Oh, and by the way you didn’t give me my allowance from Saturday OR from last Saturday.

me: I didn’t?? Hmmm… (I think about it for a second and then hand over 2 dollars)

Jack: See? You just like taking my money when it’s actually YOU that owe ME money.

He walks off counting the singles and muttering to himself.

7 thoughts on “He gets the maths from me”

  1. You totally need to play Monopoly with Jack and let him be the banker! This one made me laugh out loud. I wish you guys would move to Florida then Isaac and Jack could hang out. It would be amazing for our blogs.


  2. They have a JR Monopoly, Jack would probably like it. It’s an amusement park and you buy rides and games. Takes less attention span than the original too.
    Well, next time you guys get down to Florida shoot me an email.


    1. I’m so glad you mentioned the JR version, because I had no clue! I’m going to check it out today. We get down to FL a few times a year because my sister lives in the Boca area. Are you close to that section of FL? 🙂


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