Orange Factory

On Tuesday we visited the Ft. Lauderdale Children’s Museum. It has tons of fun things for kids to do, from real airplane flight simulators, to aquariums, climbing areas, interactive recycling games, and lots of employees walking around with live snakes and alligators. The kids (Jack and his 2 cousins) literally spent over an hour playing on flight simulators. There were about 10 different kinds, some were just screens with controls, and others were real cockpits with flat screen displays for the front window.

But, the best area by far, for both Jack, Joey and Victoria, was the orange picking and packing area, which mimics a real orange grove with warehouse, shipping and receiving and all the mayhem that goes with it. On the ride over to the museum, each kid decided which “job” they would do. Joey wanted to pick the oranges from the trees and get them into the crates. Victoria wanted to put the full crates into the back of a tractor and drive over to the warehouse. Jack wanted to work the conveyor belt and send the full crates of oranges into the warehouse. Wow, they all picked different jobs. This would be a breeze!

Yeah right. Jack didn’t want to necessarily stick to one job, out of sheer excitement, but that sort of threw everyone else for a loop,

Jack: Okay guys I’m putting the empty crates in here to catch the oranges.

Joey: But Jack, I’m picking the oranges and filling the crates.

Jack: You pick and I’ll fill them up.

Joey: You can pedal the bike that moves the oranges up into the crates then. How about that?

Jack: Okay! (he starts pedaling, notices that it’s hard work and then goes back to filling the crates by hand)

Joey: Jack! You’re not supposed to be over here!

Jack: You’re supposed to be picking!

Joey and Jack: Ahhhhhh!!!!!! (they start wrestling with the crates and Jack runs away sobbing)

Joey: He’s supposed to do his job!

me: I know, let me calm him down first. (I tell Jack to calm down and tell the kids that Jack is too excited to stick with one job). But Jack, you have to go to a station that’s open. Or you have to wait your turn if someone is already doing a job.

Jack: Sniff…okay…

Victoria: Jack, come bring the crate to the tractor!

Jack: (jumps on the tractor) Here I’ll drive!

Victoria: No I’m driving!!!

me: Jack let her drive if she wants to.

Jack: But she wasn’t on it!

me: She was just going on it!

Victoria: I want to go on it!

Jack: (hops off and goes back to the crates) I’ll do this part!

Victoria: (walks away from the tractor) I’m driving the tractor!

me: You’re walking away from the tractor. You have to drive it to drive it.

Victoria: Okay…(starts pedaling and both boys ignore her) Bring the crates over to me!

Jack: (being nice to a boy finally) If you finish up with this crate, I’ll do the next one okay??

me: That’s nice Jack. Finally, you’re getting it.

Victoria: No ones bringing me the crates!!!!!!!!

Joey: Jack, stop taking my oranges!!!!!!!!

Well, suffice it to say that the other two had meltdowns soon thereafter for various reasons. I guess they can’t all be happy at the same time!

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