Sometimes it can be about nothing

Life. Work. Marriage. An argument. This blog. It doesn’t always have to be about “something”. Because sometimes, nothing happens. And that’s okay. Or rather it isn’t that nothing happens, it’s that all of the little somethings blend together into a fusion of thoughts and activities so that no one clear idea stands out as unique or special. Or perhaps, they’re all special. Who can tell. Today I certainly couldn’t.

No less than 5 times today I said to myself “I have to remember this…it would make a great post”. These thoughts were definitely related to some amazing things that came out of Jack’s mouth (of course! he’s a genius!) and some very funny things that he did, and then immediately after, they were gone. Just like the dream that you absolutely will remember as you drift back to sleep, only to completely lose any remote molecule of the dream after you fully wake up, even if it’s only minutes later. I hate that by the way. I’ve said in past entries…I must make a note of everything I find, well, noteworthy, because it’s literally gone in the next 5 minutes or so. Kind of like when I first meet someone. I never EVER remember their name if they’ve only said it the one time, as we shake hands or whatever. I look away, look back…the name’s gone. But if I repeat it back to them and then make myself say it once in my head, I’ll never forget it ever. Unfortunately with my post ideas, that same rule doesn’t apply. I work out titles, opening paragraphs, and memorize (or so I think) the exact phrasing and tone of Jack’s words, and then somehow after all of that planning (and 15 other things that happen right afterward) it’s all lost. And I mean really lost. I have no clue about the things that I was so sure I wanted to write about. (So I babble here about nothing again haha).

My day consisted of getting Jack up early and driving him to his reading class. Going to work. Having a client meeting and lunch. More work. Going to Jack’s school to pick him up and pick up the plants I ordered. Going BACK to work. Giving Jack a snack and getting him changed into his uniform AT work. Going to his tae kwon do class. Going home to start on the oh-so-fun task of homework, making dinner, baking 4+ dozen chocolate chip cookies, making sure the cats were fed, watered and littered, bedtime for Jack, a little TV for me while I did a mini workout and then here I am.Β  You are SO lucky to have me for these few minutes! Now I’m off to bed and will be up shortly for my bootcamp spectacular at 5:45am. Tired yet?

Earlier this week Jack came home with a Mother’s Day card gripped tightly in his hand. He was obviously very proud and equal parts not sure about letting me see the card and wanting me to open it immediately. I followed his lead.

me: Is that for Mother’s Day?

Jack: Yes! (beaming face)

me: Are you saving it for Sunday?

Jack: No, I think I want you to read it now. (he hands it to me)

me: Are you sure?

Jack: Yeah, open it!

me: (looking at the folded stiff white paper with marker drawings on it) This is beautiful!

Jack: Let me read it to you okay? (he grabs it back from me)

me: Awesome! Go ahead…

Jack: Oh let me take out this middle page (he removes another folded paper from the middle of the card on which he has drawn a game console of sorts) Heh heh, that part’s mine.

me: No problem. (I wait…)

Jack: Happy Mother’s Day to Mommy. (he opens it) I love you very much. More than cheese. (The cheese part was in parens haha. It’s an old joke we have). From your Special Boy Jack.

me: That’s so beautiful Jack. Nice block letters! And I love the flowers.

Jack: Yeah, I worked hard on those.

me: And you are my special boy, so I’m glad you signed it like that.

Jack: Me too.

me: No way you love me more than cheese. Really?

Jack: (rolls his eyes)

Now I guess that was something, right? πŸ™‚

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