Cheater, cheater looks like a weiner

My new favorite phrase, plucked from the list of things that 6-year-old boys shout at each other. Jack learned that one from his cousin.

Jack: He called me a weiner!

me: Yep.

Jack: Uncle Jeff!!! Joey called me a weiner!

Joey: No, I’m not calling YOU a weiner, it’s just something you say when someone is cheating.

me: Can you all stop saying weiner now?

A few other phrases that I’ve heard recently are:

– That’s because you’re a liar

– Go drink a tunafish milkshake

– Ploopy

It only gets better from here, or so I’m told. Can’t wait! The best thing I heard Jack say today was referencing the Tough Mudder event I’m going to on Saturday. We looked at some facebook pictures of the obstacles being built.

Jack: Awwww look at that! (chair lift towers laying on the ground) I wonder if that’s the mystery obstacle!?

I thought it was funny that he even knew there WAS a mystery obstacle. Funny kid!

6 thoughts on “Cheater, cheater looks like a weiner”

  1. I love this blog idea! I wish I would’ve had a blog like this beginning with my first of five kids. I can’t imagine the collection of funny quotes I’d have by now. I’ll have to start a journal or something for the youngest who’s just learning to talk.

    I see there’s no book reviews yet? What, are you busy or something? πŸ™‚


    1. LOL! Thanks so much! I just started with good reads and am getting some flack from friends at work too. I’m working on it! Just not enough time in the day. Can’t even imaging having more than one child. OMG! πŸ™‚


    1. Since Jack thinks Ploopy is a bad word, he will start on Friday by saying “Pl” or “pleh”, and then on Saturday he says “OO” and cracks up. On Sunday he’ll say “you know what I’m doing, right??” and say “Pee”. And crack himself up. Of course I know he’s spelling out Ploopy in 3 days. But the fact that he thinks he is SO clever cracks me up even more. I just get worried when I hear him say “SSSSS” and then I have to ask “Did you say AAAH at me yesterday?” (Spelling out Ass) Sigh.


  2. That’s right out of one of the Diary of a Wimpy Kid books. I think I’ve had all the books read to me at one time or another. My older son, Ethan, enjoys reading to me while laughing so hard I can barely understand what the crap he’s saying! By the way, I honestly did LOL in regards to the “sssss”!


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