A day of rest? And a little more mud…

Happy Mother’s Day again to all the moms out there. I think we all need a day of rest! And before you ask, some of my Tough Mudder photos will follow at the end of the post. Whew I’m beat. (If you want to see the official pics of our event, please go to the Tough Mudder Facebook page and look under New England, Saturday, May 7.)

(Jack just came in and saw me writing this and said “Hey I’m examining your whole diary system!!”. I shooed him out. ha ha.)

My day started with a breakfast with my mom and some family for Mother’s Day, then a drive back to CT from MA to have MY Mother’s Day. Jack made me a sweet card at school and had to spell out the word MOTHER, and make a sentence for each letter:

M – My mom likes tae kwon do
O – Only mother in the world that’s my mother
T – Took me to Florida
H – Helps me a lot
E – Extremely loves flowers
R – Really loves me

me: Jack, did you think this up all by yourself? Or did you have help?
Jack: No, I did it all by myself. I thought up every sentence for every letter.
me: You knew how to spell “extremely”?
Jack: Wellllll…no. I did have help with that. But I invented the word!!
me: Wow, good word!

How cute. He’s very clever, eh? This morning we took a trip to the playground and had a walk around the lake. It is a really nice day, with some sort of scary clouds moving in. But as you will see from the photos below…I’ve had enough of the outdoors! 4.5 hours on Mt. Snow yesterday to be exact. And, we forgot sunblock. LOL! But everything else went off without a hitch, unless you count the twisted knees, leg cramps, hypothermia, hallucinations, Spartan yells on the mountain, and losing your privates on various courses. If anyone wants specific details, let me know. I have too many stories to tell in this small space.

Oh and here are the Tough Mudder shots!

An exciting entrance to West Dover, VT
Our first close-up glimpse of the mountain
Another view of the mountain that we would soon climb...8 times!
My nephew Jake and I were getting tough
Me and my brother John, soon before we started up the mountain
Looking a little beat after the event, warming in the lodge
Ahhhh we lovermont!

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