10 best conversations of the day. And some food art.

Can you guess what happened next?

But first, a little food art. Jack likes to take pictures of the “food faces” he finds at mealtime. Dennis likes to help him. Interesting hobby!

Pineapple Man
Potato Man

And now on to my top 10 list of favorite conversations from today. Don’t you want my life???


Jack: You know how Master Hong said that being a martial artist makes you a better person?

me: Yeah?

Jack: How long have I been in Tae Kwon Do?

me: About 9 and a half months…

Jack: And no way am I a better person.


Jack: Mom I’m sooo sad!

me: Why? You need to go to sleep…don’t be sad.

Jack: If I die, I won’t have Stripey with me (he clutches his little cat to his chest)

me: I’ll make sure Stripey goes to heaven with you.

Jack: But you’ll be dead first!!! (he sobs a little)

me: (great) You can ask God to do that for you.

Jack: Can he hear me?

me: I think he can always hear you.

Jack: (sniff) God? Can you make sure all of my friends come up to heaven with me when I die? Even though they’re really not alive?

me: I think he heard you and he’ll take care of it for you.

Jack: Thanks. Good night.


Jack: I don’t ever want to switch grades next year.

me: How come?

Jack: I want to keep my teacher forever.

me: I’m glad you like her. That’s nice Jack.

Jack: Plus, the other teachers don’t know how to handle me.


me: Is Daddy coming home tomorrow night?

Jack: Nah, he said Thursday.

me: You sure? I thought it was tomorrow.

Jack: You think I would forget something like that??


Jack: What is this rotten dinner?

me: Jack… That’s 1! Want to try again?

Jack: This dinner isn’t so great is it?

me: That’s 2. You don’t want to get to 3…

Jack: Sigh. (takes a bite) I guess I’ll eat it.

me: Grrrr…


Jack: Why do you have to sign up for every Tough Mudder there ever was?

me: I’ve only done it once.

Jack: But you go to concerts too and they’re the lame grownup kind.

me: How do you know they’re lame?

Jack: Because kids aren’t invited.


Jack: I hurt myself at school today.

me: Doing what?

Jack: I think I twisted my foot again.

me: Did you go to the nurse? Remember I said to stop visiting her every day…

Jack: Don’t worry. My teacher looked at it and said I was fine so I didn’t go.

me: Okay. How do you feel now? Is it okay?

Jack: Yeah, but I bet it will be something else that hurts tomorrow.


Jack: You know, “D” sweats a lot in school.

me: Oh really?

Jack: Yeah it’s kind of cool. I don’t sweat very much even though I try really hard.

me: You try?

Jack: Yeah…and if it doesn’t work I just splash water on my face and make it look all sweaty. That’s cool.


Jack: (coming off the bus wearing a huge frown) Bad day.

me: What happened?

Jack: I earned zero and zero. (Jack has to try and keep 10 “chips” in the morning and 10 in the afternoon. Each chip is worth 2 minutes of video time. If he misbehaves, the teacher takes a chip.)

me: (gasp!) Zero! Jack, come on! What’s going on!

Jack: (looks up with a sneaky smile and runs away) Hahahahaaaa I fooled you! I got 4 and 9!

me: Sheesh…you stinker…that’s a relief. (then I think about it…) Hey wait! Only 4???? (I start chasing him up the driveway…)


Jack: Mom, your legs are scratchy like Daddy’s face.

me: Oh, that’s because I have to shave them.

Jack: You…SHAVE your LEGS???

me: Yeah, remember we had this talk the other day?

Jack: I thought you were making a joke. It’s not a very good one.

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