A swear by any other name

…Is still a swear. Even if your 6. I found out from Jack’s teacher that he had to be “spoken to” about swearing in class. WHAT??? How do you swear in 1st grade? Poopy? Sigh… Here’s how…

me: Jack, I had a note from your teacher that says you were swearing in class today? What’s that all about?

Jack: I said a bad word to W because he is one.

me: Sigh. Is one, what?

Jack: (whispers) Ass.

me: Jack! Come on! Really? You know not to say that word.

Jack: I know, but it’s funny, no what’s that word that means it’s weird that it happened to you because it should have happened to … oh what was it?

me: Focus please. Do you mean “ironic”?

Jack: Yeah it’s ironic that W is an (whispers “ass”) because he’s the one that taught me the word.

me: Stop saying it please! Jack, I know W taught you a bad word, and we talked how it also means donkey, but when you use it towards your friends it’s very naughty. You are not allowed to say words like that.

Jack: Only when I’m a grownup?

me: Then you can do what you want.

Jack: Well I’m gonna call W on the phone and remind him that he’s an —

me: JACK!!!

Jack: Sorry…

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