I couldn't possibly make this sh*t up.

Collecting the sun

The afternoon sun was so warm yesterday. We decided to eat out on the deck (turkey burgers, corn on the cob, mac n cheese), have some fruit for dessert and then just hang around feeling the chill in the air get a little bit stronger, as the wind picked up. It was actually a quiet evening. Our neighbors didn’t fire up their usual chainsaw, which happens every time we sit out on the deck. Either that or they decide to leaf blow or play Cindy Lauper really loud from their deck. Sigh.

(Borrowing a sunset pic from nomad7674 and Flickr)

Jack and I walked down the driveway to collect the mail and follow the warm blanket of sun as it pulled down towards the road. At the bottom we stopped, sat and then lay back right in the driveway, absorbing the heat. We kind of sat there for awhile feeling the warmth and just not doing anything. I could have fallen asleep right there on the hard pavement. A few birds whirred by close to our heads, not realizing that we were even there, we were so still.

Just as I was being lulled into a bit of a stupor, a car pulled up close by.

Jack: Hey it’s Logan! (he jumped up and started running)

me: Don’t run into the road!

Jack: Yeah yeah I know. Hey LOGAN!!!! (he was hopping up and down waiting for his friend to come out of the car). Mom, can we go over?

me: (pulling myself up to a standing position) Okay just for a minute. It’s almost bedtime.

Jack: Why do you have to remind me of that awful thing whenever I’m having fun?

me: It’s my job.

And our moment in the sun was over. Jack ran across the street and started an impromptu baseball game with his friend, who had just come from a real game and was carrying all of his gear. Logan pitched and Jack swung wildly over his head and made contact with a crack. The ball just missed the neighbor’s house and then rolled into the poison ivy. Gotta love Connecticut!

Tonight the sun did not come out and the cold clouds hung low in the sky. It still smelled like Spring, but it wasn’t the same. We ate dinner inside tonight.


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