I couldn't possibly make this sh*t up.

Sunday in the rain

What do we do on a rainy day?

(7:15 am…yay!)

The cats both come in my (“33333333333333w” that’s Bella walking across the keyboard…sigh!) room and jump on the bed. I wake up actually refreshed and wonder where Jack is. I go open my door to let the cats out and look to the top of the stairs. A disheveled Jack comes stumbling out at the same time. I guess the cats were my wake-up call.

Jack: Hi Mom.

me: Hi. Are you hungry?

Jack: Yesss! But first I have to make some room. (he goes into my bathroom to poop.)

me: French toast?

Jack: YES! With extra cinnamon.

me: Sounds good.

We feed the cats, eat our breakfast (Dennis is still sleeping) and then we go up to count Jack’s money in his piggy bank.

(8:15 am)

Jack: I’m Soooooo RICH. Aren’t I rich Mom??

me: That’s a lot of change you have there.

Jack: A real 50 cent piece. Oh I’m not ever spending that!

me: And you have a good pile of dollars too! (We give Jack $1.00 every Saturday as an allowance)

Jack: Can I buy the really really expensive Lego set with all this?

me: You’re going to keep the coins, and then we’ll split the dollars in half. Half to spend and half goes in the bank.

Jack: Ohhhhkkaaayyyy…. (he’s not thrilled). Then how much can I spend??

me: $11.00.

Jack: That’s 2 lego sets for $5.99! He grabs the money from me.

me: Almost…plus tax. Heyyy, no grabbing!

Jack: But you’ll take care of the tax. (he waves his hand and walks out of the room)

And now, thanks to the comment from my friend at Hedgehog Blog, we’re also looking for a Monopoly Jr. set while we’re at the store today. Fun!


2 responses

  1. Did he get Legos and Monopoly Jr? He must be rich.


    May 20, 2011 at 11:46 am

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