Uh none of your beeswax to know what I’m doing

I had a post prepared, and then this just happened. It sounded pretty funny after Jack said the title of this post to me and then I started typing.

me: What are you doing?

Jack: Uh, none of your beeswax to know what I’m doing. Just sitting and disintegrating my box. Or whatever. Yo yo, bye garbage. (cheek bomb sounds). I’m not even disintegrating Garter here.

me: Who’s that?

Jack: His dog. (meaning Jimmy Neutron)

For the record…LOVING Jimmy Neutron on Netflix. Hated the first episode. Hooked since the 2nd. LMAO funny. Really. Check it out.

Jack: His new name is BB. Back Buddy.

me: What’s that?

Jack: Duhhh, he rides on your back. The robot. Which is lame because I look like an Indian. Back to the drawing board.

me: For what?

Jack: Nothing. It’s just what he says when he’s annoyed and trying to invent stuff. You wouldn’t understand.

me: Do you want me to come play with you?

Jack: Mhhhmmm, that’s what I was doing this whole thing for. Stepping on your head…bad. Smacking a bad guy…good. My mind went blank, baggage train, uh…

me: What’s all that rambling your saying?

Jack: Nothing. I stepped on a box, a DUMB box and said sorry.

me: Ohhhkayyyy?

Jack: Let’s go. Are we playing or are you still typing your little notes to yourself.

me: LOL!!!

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