I couldn't possibly make this sh*t up.

So, after I pull him out of the toilet…

… I simply can’t stop laughing my a** off. I was snorting with the effort to try and stop laughing. Jack only got madder!

(5 minutes before that)

Jack: (point point)

me: What??

Jack: Pee?

me: If you have to go, just GO.

Jack: Can you lift the lid? I’m not washing my hands again.

me: Sigh. (he pees) Give me your hands, those nails are getting clipped now.

Jack: Ohhhh, I HATE this!!!

me: One more second, stop moving so much.

Jack: Let me sit down then. (He turns, sits and SPLOOSH, right in up to his waist. Hadn’t even flushed from before.) AHHHHGGGGGHGHGHGHGHHH!!

me: HAHAHAHAHAHA (snort) Cough, haha, um Sorry…chuckle chuckle… (hiding my face as he wails)

Jack: Call Daddy!!!! Waaahhhhhhh!

me: He can’t hear us, he’s out using the grill.

(15 minutes before THAT)

Jack: (all changed into clean clothes) Ahhhh, I LOVE being in clean clothes.

me: Do you want your blanket?

Jack: Yessss! (he gets all wrapped up in it and mocks being something big and furry as usual)

me: I think we should do a bath later?

Jack: Nahhh, we just did one the other day and I’m sooo clean.

LOL! It was shocking to say the least, but so damn funny. The look on his face was priceless.


One response

  1. I have always wondered if that ever happens to guys. Poor Jack, Lol!


    May 20, 2011 at 11:47 am

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