So, after I pull him out of the toilet…

… I simply can’t stop laughing my a** off. I was snorting with the effort to try and stop laughing. Jack only got madder!

(5 minutes before that)

Jack: (point point)

me: What??

Jack: Pee?

me: If you have to go, just GO.

Jack: Can you lift the lid? I’m not washing my hands again.

me: Sigh. (he pees) Give me your hands, those nails are getting clipped now.

Jack: Ohhhh, I HATE this!!!

me: One more second, stop moving so much.

Jack: Let me sit down then. (He turns, sits and SPLOOSH, right in up to his waist. Hadn’t even flushed from before.) AHHHHGGGGGHGHGHGHGHHH!!

me: HAHAHAHAHAHA (snort) Cough, haha, um Sorry…chuckle chuckle… (hiding my face as he wails)

Jack: Call Daddy!!!! Waaahhhhhhh!

me: He can’t hear us, he’s out using the grill.

(15 minutes before THAT)

Jack: (all changed into clean clothes) Ahhhh, I LOVE being in clean clothes.

me: Do you want your blanket?

Jack: Yessss! (he gets all wrapped up in it and mocks being something big and furry as usual)

me: I think we should do a bath later?

Jack: Nahhh, we just did one the other day and I’m sooo clean.

LOL! It was shocking to say the least, but so damn funny. The look on his face was priceless.

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