Alors on danse

Jack was dancing to this song tonight and trying to learn the lyrics. He got upset when I turned it off. My brother doesn’t remember it but this song was blasted on Mt. Snow when we did our Tough Mudder event a few weekends ago. Am I still talking about THAT? Yes. I am allowed to talk about it until the bruises heal. And then I will move on.

Today was mulching hell. We cleaned the yard, then it RAINED like a mother, then we mulched. We were soaked and filthy. Hmmmm now what does that remind me of? Anyway, Jack always gets in a disobedient type of mood when my family is around because I pay less attention to him. He then feels that negative attention is better than no attention, so he kicks it into high gear.

Anyone else ever deal with that scenario?

I try to give him some attention but I know I’m not great at it. We just had SO much work to do today. The various relatives take turns helping Jack and semi-playing, but Jack knows we’re all pre-occupied.

Jack: When are we mulching????

me: (halfway stuck behind a rhododendron) After we clean out these flower beds. Wanna help?

Jack: No, I want to dig mulch. (he brandishes the new mini spade shovel I bought him yesterday)

me: Don’t swing that around like that Jack!

Jack: Can we mulch?

Dennis: Did you not hear what Mom just said?

Jack: Well what CAN I do?

me: Here, help me do the edging…

Jack: (grabs the edger and does 2 passes) Okay I’m done. Now what?

me: Sigh. We’ll be ready for mulch in like 5 minutes.

Jack: I’m thirsty!

me: Sigh…

(5 minutes later)

me: Okay we’re ready to mulch! Come on Jack, grab your shovel and start digging. We have to fill up this cart.

Jack: Nahhh, I want to break these sticks. (he starts snapping)

me: Well, okay, but finish up and don’t leave that pile there for us to trip on.

(5 minutes later)

me: Anyone see Jack? (trip!) Argh! I thought he was picking these sticks up?? (I pick them all up)

(5 minutes later)

Jack: Heyyyy who moved my sticks. I was working HERE!!!

me: Jack you wanted to mulch so let’s go.

Jack: (sticking his shovel into the lawn) Nah, I’ll dig here.

me: No digging on the lawn Jack, we need this grass.Want to help me smooth this out?

Jack: Nahhh, I want to help fill the bucket with mulch. (he runs off to help my Dad)

me: Sighhhhhh! Hey, who took my rake??

(5 minutes later)

me: Now I’m starving and I have to pee.

Jack: Well I’m not hungry.

me: Well it’s way past lunchtime so we should go eat.

Jack: I’m. NOT. HUNGRY!

me: Fine, but after we eat we’re coming back out and the food will go away.

Jack: Whatever lady!

me: And our first time out of the day.

Sooo, if you replay that same scenario, with some different logistics thrown in, maybe a fit over a water bottle, a need to go to the bathroom and then go back to the top of this post and read it verbatim…you’ll have my afternoon! 🙂  Throw in a wicked rainstorm and lots of mulch tracked through the house and you’ll pretty much have the whole picture.

But the yard looks nice! And Jack’s asleep. 🙂

Alors on chante!

1 thought on “Alors on danse”

  1. I’ll be back next weekend to finish up. Oh yeah and the is one of OUR rights, we can talk about TM until we heal all the way.
    (Jake can talk about it forever) sigh….


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