I couldn't possibly make this sh*t up.

Jack the baker

But first…OMG the rain and thunder! I mean REALLY. The last day that it did not rain was perhaps May 10? 11? It’s the 23rd, people! Rained every day so far. My poor herb garden. I just gave up tonight. It’s literally raining and thundering so hard that I fear for my safety. Plus it’s dark out. Wahhh!

Enough about me.

Jack baked last night! He wanted to make a “recipe” so I gave him flour, water, sugar, cinnamon (so it wouldn’t smell yucky). After awhile I noticed that he had a pretty nice batter going. I handed him a mushy banana, some soft butter, the baking soda/powder (not even really sure how much ended up in there) and then a little salt. Then he wanted an egg and we added milk because it got thick. At the last minute he remembered vanilla so we dropped some in.

As Jack was mixing he wanted a snack, so I handed him a bag of Craisins. I noticed a small handful also went into his batter. I didn’t want to waste his concoction, so I suggested that we use our snowman cake pan and see what we had after it baked for awhile. I think it took about 20 minutes give or take. Not too bad!

me: Your batter actually looks pretty yummy Jack. What do you think?

Jack: Of COURSE it does. Do you not think I know what I’m doing here?

me: Well…you never baked before.

Jack: But I watched you do it a lot. And if you can do it so can I.

Gotta love that confidence, eh? Or is it just plain rudeness? 🙂  Oh, and here are some other photos that I’ve been meaning to share:

The last day that I remember sun. And my lilacs!

Jack's "spy car" in the hallway

Jack's contest entry "About me". He got an honorable mention!

And away he goes!

Driveway maniac

The knees of a 6-year-old...

Jack the giant


Are they even playing the same game?


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