How do parents have fun?

Jack: Can we playyyyy?

me: We have to get the yard done first, and then we can have all the time you want to play. Okay?

Jack: (thinking) If I wasn’t here, what would you do?

me: When?

Jack: When the yard work was all done. Do you play?

me: You mean, do grownups play?

Jack: Yeah…

me: We have fun things we like to do.

Jack: What are they?

me: Well…we can read a good book and sit on the deck… (I see his look of horror)

Jack: Nooo, I mean what do you do to PLAY!??

me: We go running, or play tennis or go to the movies.

Jack: That’s just a workout and then the movies is okay I guess. Don’t you play anything like bad guys or hide and seek?

me: Not really…

Jack: I don’t see how parents can have any fun if they don’t have their own children.

Jack doesn’t really know too many grownups that don’t have children. They’re all “parents” to him. So he doesn’t even realize his last sentence doesn’t make sense. Ha ha. But I had to stop and think. This blog is fun. I do like to read and go running and clean up the yard. And shop. For shoes. Always. And… dammit what DO we do for fun!!!???

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