Wish I had a reset button

I’m sure Jack has said this before. This little exchange was from our ride to school this morning.

Jack: I wish I had a reset button.

me: What do you want to do over?

Jack: I would rewind back before I fell off the toy lawnmower so my tail bone won’t hurt.

me: That would be nice, huh? What else would you like to do over?

Jack: Memorial Day…my birthday…but I would want a reset button that would still keep me 6 years old.

me: So what you want is an “undo” button.

Jack: Huh?

me: So you can undo what you just did, but still stay 6.

Jack: Hellooo, I said I wanted to go all the way back and do my birthday over. I didn’t want to undo it.

me: Oh yeah. Your idea was better.

Jack: You should reset your ideas sometimes.

me: Yep.

2 thoughts on “Wish I had a reset button”

  1. “You should reset your ideas!” Lol! Aka change them to his. I think for everything our boys have in common Jack has more confidence. Not that Isaac’s a shrinking violet, he also thinks I should reset my ideas.
    Over the weekend he wanted to bring all the dining room chairs into his bedroom. When I asked why he said he wanted to lay down and watch tv. I asked how the chairs would help with that. He answered in his “duh, mom” tone that he needed to line them up so he could strecth his sleeping bag out on them and lay down. When I suggested he turn the tv slightly so he could see it from the bed he was completely annoyed. I guess not letting him take all the chairs is part of “grown-up code.”


    1. Does the “duh” tone get you mad or do you laugh it off? I’m torn! Sometimes it pisses me off because I know he’s being a smart-A, and I HATE when he talks back…but other times it’s so funny. Our kitchen/dining chairs have been moved into our hallway so many times I can’t even count. Though Jack is more interested in making a “bison pen” or a “rocket” out of them. LOL!


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