I couldn't possibly make this sh*t up.

Grown-up code

Crazy hair day today at school. OMG the drama. You’d think I was doing a little girl’s hair. “It’s not right! I look stupid! They will all laugh at me! Make it spike up more! This looks like regular hair day not cooky hair day!!!!!!!”


After a half bottle of spike-style hair gel, a can of hairspray, and lots of tears and cussing…(by me ha ha) we were done.

me: Do you want a bandana to complete the look?

Jack: Why.

me: I don’t know, so the hair will stay out of your face if it falls, and you’ll look cool?

Jack: You don’t have a bandana.

me: I do. Right here! (I pull out a black plain bandana)

Jack; That’s just a square. (He sighs loudly). Can I wear your Tough Mudder headband?

me: Uh, no, I want to keep that one nice and I don’t want you to lose it.

Jack: That’s just grow-up code you know.

me: For what??

Jack: Code for you hate me because I can’t use your headband.

me: It’s not code.

Jack: It’s always code. All day long.

me: Sigh.

I’m not even sure what that meant or what he was thinking, but after I put the black bandana on him he caught sight of himself in the car window and said how cool he looked. He was very excited to get into school. I didn’t even take a photo! 😦


2 responses

  1. What the poor kids doesn’t get is that “no” is really code for “I am tired of watching you guys take my stuff and 1)lose it, 2)break it or 3)ruin it beyond all cleaning or repair methods.


    June 2, 2011 at 2:54 pm

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