Parent’s Day

I’m heading off to “Parent’s Day” at Jack’s school. They’re putting on a show with singing and some little acts done by each grade. Should be cute! It’s my first school “thing” ever, that involves Jack on the stage! I have a pocketbook full of recording devices, so I hope to post some pics and videos later on.

Jack: Ta-daaaaa!

me: (opening one groggy eye and seeing that it’s 6:30am) Uh, wowww, you’re all dressed. In dressy clothes AND a tie??? Wow!

Jack: It took me for freaken ever to button all these buttons.

me: Sigh… Jack…

Jack: Sorry. But it did. If Daddy wasn’t here I’d marry you! You’re beautiful!

me: Way to cover up the naughty word.

Jack: (just smiles and runs out of the room to show the cats his dressy clothes)

And that’s how my day began!

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