It was the best, the best! (with a side of photos)

Jack: And then she let me ride in the wheelchair!

me: Who?

Jack: Grandma, in the hospital.

me: Oh, I thought she was home already.

Jack: No, she broke like 4 ribs and is still in the hospital. I actually sat in the wheelchair and moved it with the wheels!

me: Wow. Was Grandma able to get out of bed?

Jack: Yeah, she came around the whole hospital and I showed her some new stuff that she never even knew was there, like the lounge!

me: Good boy for helping your Grandma. So your day with Daddy was good?

Jack: It was the best!

me: Really? Going to the hospital was the best day?

Jack: Didn’t you hear? I got to ride in an ACTUAL wheelchair!

me: Oh, yeah…


(brief description of photos: Jack playing baseball, then fishing with my brothers, Parent’s Day at school, sad pear face, camping in our yard last night in the rain, and some tornado damage in MA.)

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