Jack’s purple belt acceptance speech

Jack: I like having my parents around for me, and my friends to make me feel good when I feel bad.

Everyone: Awwwwwwwww!

That was Jack’s speech tonight after he earned his purple belt in Tae Kwon Do. He got a very large purple trophy and had to stand up in front of the whole group with a few other friends that had earned their belts. The Master asked (I thought jokingly) if anyone wanted to give a speech. Jack raised his hand. I didn’t really know he had it in him, but fear of speaking in public is not something he needs to work on.

I actually wish he would GAIN some fear of speaking in public. Or out loud in class. Sigh. But this is my boy, and he stands out from all the other children in a class of approximately 16 that were testing tonight. He was the loudest, the funniest, the goofiest, the fidgetiest, and the roughest kid at the test. But when he kicked, he kicked the highest, and when he did his form he was the toughest and when he broke his board, he was the most focused. He got all A’s on this test, and we couldn’t be prouder!

The practice axe kick
Just about to break his board with a back kick
Jack with his belt, trophy and Master Kim

2 thoughts on “Jack’s purple belt acceptance speech”

    1. Jack started TKD last August, and the kids advance (new belt test) every 2 months if they’re ready. It’s an AMAZING outlet for all that extra energy and also the best lesson a kid can get in respect and courtesy … that we’ve ever found. Aside from us beating it into him of course. 🙂


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