If it weren’t for time outs, I’d never get anything done

me: Jack, you’re in a time out for 6 minutes because you were very rude.

Jack: You know I don’t think about anything when I’m in a time out.

(to myself: Ohh, I can unload the dishwasher!)


me: Jack, we don’t hit! Go have a seat for 6 minutes.

Jack: Yeahhh, I know all about it!

(to myself: Blow-dry hair and get dressed…that should take about 6 minutes!)


me: Jack if I have to ask you to brush your teeth one more time, you’ll have to go sit for 6 minutes.

Jack: Fine! I’ll brush!

(to myself: Am I secretly hoping he’ll make me ask again so that I can put him in a time out? I need to update my blog.)


Hmmm, I’m not admitting to anything, except I have noticed that I LOVE the peace and quiet (most times) when Jack is sitting on that bottom step. I say “most times” because some times he pounds on the wall or stomps his feet or screams like a maniac, OR dismantles the spindles on the stairs. Other times I find him upside down on his head in a sort of yoga position. Whatever works for him!

I was timing myself and I actually completed this post in under 6 minutes! Next year we add one more minute to the time out. What can I accomplish with that much time on my hands?


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