Freshly Pressed & Sh*t

Wow, what an exciting day! The most fun I’ve had on this blog in over a year! Thanks Freshly Pressed for choosing moi for a little action today. I’ve really had some great visitors to my blog and I’ve found some new and interesting blogs to follow for myself. Whew, I’ve never typed so many comments in one day. Won’t all of you stay until tomorrow? There will be more, I promise!

(Sigh, you’re all gone aren’t you)

Well, maybe I’ll get chosen again at some point in the near future. Not sure what the odds are of that. Either way, I’m not complaining…it was so much fun! (Shhhh I didn’t get a lot of work done today. Heh heh, kidding… Heh…)

me: Jack, our blog got Freshly Pressed. Any idea what that means?

Jack: What fool would make up that lame thing?

me: (daggers)

Jack: Sorry…

And there you have a summary of life with a 6-year old. Always SO entertaining. Hope you visit again soon!

10 thoughts on “Freshly Pressed & Sh*t”

  1. I’m so thankful for Freshly Pressed! This blog has had me silently laughing at work all day. Thank you! I’ll stay tuned in for more.


  2. I would be just likeyou about FP. I am wondering if anything I ever write is gonna make that page!!! You are funny adn I am still here too!!! Looking forward to spending time with you and Jack in the future!!! :0) AmberLena


    1. Yes, stay! ha ha. Nice to meet you! I’m checking out your blog also. As far as FP goes, as soon as I started adding some quality tags and photos I got picked. Maybe it was random or luck of the draw. But those two things worked for me. Good luck!


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