He’s still saying sh*t!

Here are some of the top sayings from today. And, mind you, he spent the day in summer camp, so he gets this all out of his system from 4pm til bedtime!

“If you were a robot, would you tell me?”

“I know what a few means. It means 4 because you just have to count the letters. 4 letters!”

“There are SO many people who think you are lame, I can’t even tell you the number.”

“I peed a little in the bath, but it’s okay because the water is soapy.”

“Can you not pick me up during play time at camp? Oh wait, there’s like 3 play times…so maybe I should just skip the 3rd play time. No, maybe you should just adjust your schedule to NOT pick me up during play time!”

“My face is clean, I splashed some water on it.”

“How come we can’t eat every meal in front of the TV?”

“Don’t worry, I cleaned your toothbrush for you.”

(anyone else worried by that last one?)

6 thoughts on “He’s still saying sh*t!”

  1. The last one does kinda worry me. You might want to think about buying another toothbrush if you haven’t already. Hehehe :0) Kids say the darnest things. I don’t have any kids yet, but I have been told to keep a pen and paper around just to write these sayings down. :0)


  2. I like the one where he asks you to adjust your schedule to not pick him up during play time.
    My kids never talked like that, it was more like, “No, no, no, NO! Why do you always have to pick me up? I’m not going! I want to play!!!” Other days it was, “Finally! What took you so long?” I never knew what I was going to get from day to day.


    1. You’d actually think the abs would be better! haha! But alas…I would have to laugh in my sleep. But yes, stand-up comic is something I just discussed with a friend of mine. He has no fear of speaking in public. He’s kind of rude. Has a wacky sense of humor, and likes to gross people out. Probably a “prop” kind of comedian. Too funny!


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