Blog, blogger, bloggiest, blogblog

Jack: What’s a blog?

me: Like a journal, but on the computer.

Jack: Like a diary?

me: I guess.

Jack: You put your most important stuff on the computer?? Can I read it?

me: You can read some of it.

Jack: But it’s about me, right?

me: It’s always about you.

Jack: I want a blog.

me: Well, we can do that if you really want to.

Jack: Yes! I’ll play games on it!

me: It’s a journal. You would have to write stuff.

Jack: Oh. Maybe I’ll invent a game called blogblog or blogger or something. Then I could play on it.

me: We had a game called frogger when I was little!

Jack: No one would ever name a game that.

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