What is Jack reading?

Lots and Lots! I think perhaps this weekend while we’re away on vacation I will have Jack start his first installment of Jack’s book reviews. He loves to read, and he loves to be a critic. (let me tell you). I haven’t even run the idea by him yet, but I think he’ll like it! I’ll blog about it first and then add it to my Book Reviews. I may create a new page for Kid’s book reviews. Ooohhh I’m all like web designing and sh*t. (Those of you that actually DO web design please stop laughing.) I can add a page! I know I can!

Right now Jack is reading SO many things I can hardly keep up! He’s gone from Captain Underpants to Narnia-Prince Caspian (we’re so not done with that yet) to Encyclopedia Brown and now the Hardy Boys! We got this very cute set at Goodwill (my secret favorite kids bookstore) which was called the “Hardy Boys Starter Set”. We only paid $10! Yay! (Freaken Bella is eating out of the sink, I can hear her right now! GRRR!)

Anyway, we also got this interesting book, for only 2 bucks…which now that I think about it, might be just a wee bit grown up for Jack. He’s LOVING it of course and wants to take it everywhere. Here’s a small sampling of Jack’s new education.

Jack: Look at this guy with like 50 bajillion straws in his mouth! Ha ha! It’s like when the Mayor ate all that bacon in Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs. (watch at about 14 seconds into the clip)

me: Ew, gross picture!

Jack: Yeah why would anyone DO that?

me: Not really sure.

Jack: Oh, wow this guy lit himself on FIRE and burned and walked for a mile or something without dying! Why didn’t he die?

me: Fireproof suit?

Jack: Does that keep you alive forever?

me: No, probably only a few minutes. Remember, fire can burn you instantly, which is why we do NOT play with it. This guy is…

Jack: (interrupts) Yeah Yeah he’s a professional. It says it right here.

me: Oh, well yeah, it’s true. Don’t play with fire.

Jack: This guy stuck 75 spoons on his face. Ha ha!

me: Talented.

Jack: Okay enough of this. (he tosses it and picks up the Hardy Boys)

me: So what’s going on in this book? ( I really need to read these first I think. No?)

Jack: Well, Joe and Frank think that the Dad is involved, but I don’t think so.

me: Someone’s Dad is a bad guy?

Jack: (now reading) What?

me: Dad? Bad guy?

Jack: Dad’s not a bad guy. Hey, I’m trying to read here!

4 thoughts on “What is Jack reading?”

    1. Yes indeed. 6 going on 30. I always wondered if people would really believe that these stories are true. But other moms have confirmed that their children talk and think the same way. Also, I realized I didn’t care if anyone believed me or not. It’s my blog and I’m doing this for me first! And thanks…I hope the book section takes off! I know so many people are looking for good books for kids…


  1. Rest assured, I believe you. I don’t think anyone can make up stuff like that. By the way, your interactions lead me to surity (maybe not a word) that you are an amazing mother … awaiting book section with baited breath.


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