Jack’s 1st book review

I’ll be adding this to the book review section of the blog soon, but this is the book that Jack wanted to review first. 🙂


me: So what do you think of Calvin and Hobbes? I hear lots of laughing going on over there…

Jack: Well, I really love Calvin and Hobbes because it’s you know very funny! It’s like when they were riding on the magic carpet and Hobbes said “Is this legal? Do you have your registration and proof of insurance?” Hahahahaha. (Jack laughed harder at this line than I’ve heard him laugh in a long time!)

me: What would you tell other kids if they were thinking of getting Calvin and Hobbes?

Jack: It’s like um when he builds a snowman in the road with two tire tracks in it so people can’t get by in the road…

me: What would you tell them though?

Jack: I’d really love to be on a blog to tell people how funny this is. It’s the funniest I ever read.

me: You are on a blog. Mine.

Jack: Am I famous?

me: Not yet.

Jack: I would tell them to ask your mom to go get this book. I got it at a book store in Cape Cod, but if you live in Cape Cod you can walk there, but if you live in Connecticut you have to look in your own bookstore, or online. I think they would laugh alot.

me: What age children should read this book?

Jack: All ages, well only the kids that know how to read, heh heh. Oh, and just a tip if you don’t have any money to get this book, you could try Goodwill or the library where it’s free. But if you have one dollar you could get a movie at the library…!

me: We’re talking about books here not movies.

Jack: I’m just saying…  (he sighs) Okay, bye, we’re signing off, but not for the last time!!! Oh wait wait! They can go to CalvinandHobbes.com! Okay that’s it. Or go on Google. Done.

4 thoughts on “Jack’s 1st book review”

  1. I love that he found it funny when they were asked for their license and registration, as if he totally understood that, which leads me to wonder…how is he so familiar with that? Hmmmm…


    1. Ummmm, perhaps, just perhaps, we were pulled over on the drive out to the Cape this past weekend?? Maybe? Sh*t. Yeah, I was speeding and luckily the police officer’s ticket paper ran out (LOL) and I got a warning. Jack is telling anyone that will listen that I got a ticket. To which I reply: Helloooo a Warning! And he’s all: Same thing MOM! 🙂 Anyway, gee thanks for pointing that out ha ha!


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