It’s always the bread that takes the teeth out

Well it makes sense to ME…


Conversation #1:

Jack: The last tooth came out when I was eating a bagel, remember?

me: Yeah, a few of my teeth came out when I was eating sandwiches… (then I say like a wise old sage) It’s always the bread that takes the teeth out.

Jack: Hmmm…(ponders this wisdom)


Conversation #2:

me: (yelling from the other room) Why are you sharpening knives! I hear you!

Jack: Because I need to do stuff!

me: Put the knives away!!


me: (coming into the kitchen to see Jack slicing a knife and fork back together like a swordsman sharpening his tools) AWAY please!

Jack: You never let me do anything fun!


Conversation #3:

Jack: (climbing on our neighbors swingset) Ugh, I need a cup!

me: For what, are you thirsty?

Jack: Hellooo, to protect my PENIS!!??

me: (LOL!)



10 thoughts on “It’s always the bread that takes the teeth out”

    1. Oh I am the WORST! I wouldn’t let him dunk his socks in a glass of water and then freeze it to make stinky sock pops, I wouldn’t let him keep a giant black spider under his pillow as a pet, I also would NOT let him start my car and just back it out of the garage (not really DRIVE it Mommy, just MOVE it for you…). Poor kid…


      1. I’m smarter than you. My almost 12-year-old asked for “Call of Duty Black Ops” rated M for mature because he’s played it at TWO of his friends’ houses and I told him, “Let’s ask your dad tonight.” teehee…Dad’s TOTALLY gonna say no, but Noah will know that I rode the fence (when really I’m thinkin HELL TO THE NO!).


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