Goodbye Thumb Sucking Hello Attitude?

Hmmmm…I’m sure I’ve made this connection before, but after reading this old post once again, I think I realized another thing that might have contributed to Jack’s general sort of cranky attitude these past few months. Among other things…he stopped sucking his thumb. Any of you moms have stories to share? Did your child have a hard time with self-comfort afterwards. It simply HAS to be a part of the equation. Or maybe that has nothing to do with it and I’m looking for an easy out? Ha ha.

Read that post here if you’re interested. Thanks for letting me vent!

Jack: (last night) Mom, the other tooth just came out!

me: Wow, that’s like what, 6 teeth that you’ve lost? What a big boy. Now you can bite a little easier.

Jack: Are my teeth going to come in all straight and perfect?

me: I hope so. We won’t know until they come all the way in.

Jack: But that’s why I stopped sucking my THUMB!!!!!

me: (yikes!)

3 thoughts on “Goodbye Thumb Sucking Hello Attitude?”

  1. I always wished Noah sucked his thumb. He sucked his pacifier so hard it would pop out of his mouth multiple times during the night and then he’d scream. When he got old enough I kept like 12 all over his crib so he could just reach out and touch one. Yeah…and he still needs braces regardless of the lack of thumb sucking (which my sister and I did until we were like 8 and 6 – I’m older – but only in sleep). I just blogged about it yesterday. Do you have $5,000 I can borrow? I mean have?


    1. Man, you’re just like Jack…can’t even borrow money…have to own it. 🙂 I still fear that he’ll need braces. I had them, but because of a dental accident I had when I was like 3. Ugh. I don’t want him to have to go through all that. And yeah, the money aspect. Let me go read what you wrote now!


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