Bikes, Basil, Books, Cavities, Clouds and a CONTEST!!

Today was a hectic day to say the least. Get Jack to the dentist by 8:20. Get to work. Then actually work. Then pick Jack up at camp. Rush to the library to renew books that apparently still had a week left on them. Really? Then why did the stamp say July 15th…Huh??? Then race home to start dinner, feed the cats, do the dishes, and…oh wait, today wasn’t especially hectic. This is MY LIFE! Heh heh, guess I can’t complain after all. But it felt more crazy for some reason. Ya know?? Just because.

So I have a few things to write about, and you will read them and THEN you will participate in what appears to be my first ever contest! My new friend over at Twinisms gave me the idea when I saw her little Seinfeld quote contest yesterday. Check down at the bottom of this post for said contest. I feel lots of general ramblings coming out and I’ve got to go with it.

The dentist appointment went pretty smoothly DESPITE the fact that it was an actual cavity-filling event. Luckily one of my big clients is a dental manufacturer and I knew all the terminology.

Dentist: Then we’ll put a band…


Dentist: Uh, yeah, a matrix band around the tooth so that the filling won’t bond his teeth together.


Dentist: (gives me a withering look) Jack it WON’T bond your teeth together it’s okay.

me: Do you need to light cure it?

Jack: WHAT??

Dentist: Uh…yeah we wait for two beeps and then the tooth filling will be hard.

me: (inside I AM a dentist!) Look Jack, dip, swab, toss! Now you’re numb!

Jack: Stoppit.

me: (sulking)

The very first (and better be the last) filling!

Okay, so THAT happened. Jack cried a bit, but was very brave and when he was done he gave a wave of his hand and said “Eh, it was nothing.” What a champ.

ANYway, I found these pictures of Jack…one recent and one from 2008, when he was 3. So funny! I’m sticking them in here because it’s random night.

Jack and his "Thomas" bike - age 3
Jack and his "Red Falcon" bike - age 6

Jack: I look way cooler now.

me: You were cool back then too, with your little shades… 🙂

Jack: Who’s the random weird guy on my shirt?

Uhh, OH, so THEN I was driving home today and I saw Cape Cod in the clouds. I miss Cape Cod. Really I do. And it came to me in a vision. Dontcha see it? Dontcha??

Cape Cloud, MA. But in CT.


And now for the contest. I really need help with this. Or, wait, I DID need help, but I’ve figured it out and that’s why I wanted to do a contest. No I haven’t had caffeine. Sheesh. I’m just typing fast. But you can’t tell that, can you. Well read faster and you’ll get the feeling of my mood. Hectic I tell you! I recently picked some basil on my deck and put it in a little vase. Here, see? Oh and that’s an onion flower or something with it.

Basil. And Onion. Like I said in the post.

Now, every day when I come home I find little tiny black seeds underneath the vase on my counter. Cute little basil seeds. But I can’t ever find where they’re coming from. Are they onion seeds? Are they dirt? Are they mold? I was stumped. Here’s a photo of THAT:

Tiny little somethings that live under my basil vase.

The little somethings don’t move, so they’re not alive. But let me know what you think they are and we’ll just see if you’re right! There’s no prize. Sorry, I’m not all advanced like that. I wish! But you’ll get the satisfaction of knowing you’re smarter than everyone else. Go Google basil or seeds or onions or whatever you kids do these days on your new-fangled iPads. 🙂 Good luck!

Jack: I can’t believe all those little dots come from that one little plant. Do you know why it’s doing that?

me: I do! (I whisper to him, so you guys don’t hear me)

Jack: Ha ha! That’s funny. I want a basil plant now.

me: I don’t think all basil plants do this. Maybe just some of them.

So that was my little hint…and I think that was all I had to say. (pant pant)


10 thoughts on “Bikes, Basil, Books, Cavities, Clouds and a CONTEST!!”

  1. I’m going with mouse poop. Mice like basil right? Maybe you have Italian mice!!

    Thanks for the shout out! I’m glad I could inspire someone. No one around here pays attention to me!!


    1. I’m just screaming for attention over here myself. Don’t worry. 🙂 It is not “mouse” poop but you’re warm! Even I was shocked and appalled to find out what it was. But now, I kind of like it. Hee hee, I’ll post the answer and another photo tomorrow. So there. You’ll have to come back and visit.


  2. I think that it’s giant cockroach droppings. I think giant cockroaches like smelling basil. and hanging out around it when humans are not looking. 🙂


    1. Don’t even GO there! Besides, the caterpillar has turned white and hasn’t moved since I posted about his poop. I think he’s chrysalis-ing! Or whatever that is they do before they grow wings. I should do something about this before the cats get him.


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