The color of Pathfinders and what it means

photo courtesy of nissanusa.com


(The cats are currently head-butting the crap out of me while I try to type. What the heck?)

Jack: Look at that nice Pathfinder!

me: White. Very nice and clean looking.

Jack: Oh. Yeahhhh…

me: What.

Jack: White shows the dirt. So if you’re a dirty person, don’t buy white.

me: But the people don’t make it dirty…

Jack: (interrupting) So if you’re a CLEAN person, buy a white Pathfinder.

me: Deal.

Jack: But you had a black Pathfinder.

me: Yeah? So…?

Jack: Black hides the dirt well. If you’re dirty, buy the black Pathfinder.

me: It’s the weather that makes the trucks dirty, not the people, you know?

Jack: Well, you like dirt, so black was good.

me: Thanks…

Jack: If you want to hide lots of blood, then buy the red one.

me: Hide blood?

Jack: Yeah like if you cut yourself, or hit something.

me: Oh…?

Jack: Because blood is red.

me: It is.

Jack: Why did you buy an orange car?

me: I can’t remember now.


8 thoughts on “The color of Pathfinders and what it means”

  1. I like that he is being practical, and as the owner of a white car, I agree that it isn’t the easiest color to keep shiny…but the “hide lots of blood” comment worries me — or maybe just the “lots of” part.


    1. Yes, I’m with you! Seeing as I’ve been watching Dexter at night (though nowhere near Jack’s room), I wondered if this was seeping into his dreams or something! Though for Jack, a small bloody nose is too much blood for him.


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