Can we keep secrets from our Mom?

Jack and I were eating dinner and all of a sudden he got a bit distraught.

Jack: Ohhh, there’s something that I want to tell you but I probably shouldn’t but I REALLY WANT TO!

me: Are you afraid I’ll get mad or something?

Jack: No. Ohhhhh!!! I want to keep it a secret!!!

me: Well, you know you can always tell me anything Jack, and I will always listen to you and help you.

Jack: Now you’re just making it harder for me NOT to tell you! (he starts crying)

me: Come here…(I give him a big hug and sort of rock him a little) It’s okay…

Jack: Is it okay to keep a secret all to yourself?

me: Of course it is.

Jack: Even from your Mom??

me: Does it involve something that you did or something that could get someone hurt?

Jack: No, it’s about Bisons and Gorillas and me and stuff.

me: I think those are okay things to keep secret. Even from Mom.

Jack: But my brain is really really telling me to tell you. Why does it do that!!??

me: I was the same way when I was little. I told my Mommy everything. Even all the dumb little details. I really remember that I HAD to tell her. If I forgot something I felt bad for some reason.

Jack: I feel that way now.

me: But you know what? She didn’t need to hear everything. It was okay if I skipped telling her some stuff.

Jack: (sniffing) Okay…I really want to tell you but I think this is my own secret.

me: I know, and it’s okay by me, so don’t worry, okay? If you change your mind I’m always here.

Jack: I don’t want to change my mind.

me: That’s okay too.

Jack: (looking like he feels a little better) I can think whatever I want.

me: Do you remember me telling you that?

Jack: Yeah.

me: Do NOT think about that pasta salad over there! Are you thinking about it?

Jack: (giggles) Yeah.

me: See? I can’t make you stop.

Jack: You could call the cops?

me: They can arrest people but they can’t make them stop thinking.

Jack: My friend said you’re not allowed to think in jail.

me: Not true.

Jack: Really? Okay… Can I have some time alone now?

me: Sure.

I watched him walk off to play with his pirate ship. He’s really growing up. I wish the police had a way to control that.

6 thoughts on “Can we keep secrets from our Mom?”

  1. wait!!! i don’t want jack keeping secrets. i want him to tell you every little sh*t then you can tell us 🙂
    he really is growing up so fast. i try comparing the stuff he was saying when the blog started to the way he talks now and it has really changed. very smart boy you got there.


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