Trying to be like Calvin

And Hobbes of course. Jack’s new obsession. He’s read all 6 (7?) books and is wondering why there aren’t more. He reads them at breakfast, tries to read them at dinner, reads them in the car on the way to anywhere, reads them in the doctor’s office, and while wandering down aisles in the grocery store bumping into people. Like I said…obsessed.

Jack: You read these when you were little?

me: Well, I was in my 20’s so…yeah…littlER… ha.

Jack: Did you understand the jokes because you were a grown up and these are for kids?

me: They’re for all ages I think, so yeah I got the jokes.

Jack: Are you sure? Because grown ups forget lots of stuff…

He is totally relating to Calvin and has tried out some of his…er…stunts… Should I be worried? You be the judge.

Jack: (hiding a blown up paper bag behind his back) Dad?

Dennis: Yeah…

Jack: Can humans spontaneously combust?

Dennis: Errr, no?

Jack: (walks out of the room and pops the bag loudly)

Dennis: WTF!?

Jack: Ha ha hahahahaaaaa…


And then there was the other time…

Jack: Mom can I borrow your phone?

me: For?

Jack: Oh to play a game.

me: Just put it back in the case when you’re done…

Jack: (a little while later) All done.

me: What did you play?

Jack: Oh nothing, I just ordered a pizza. (he walks nonchalantly into the other room while my jaw drops)

He was kidding. πŸ™‚


And THEN there was the time he wanted to set a trap in the back yard.

Jack: Mom, what is the most common animal that goes into our backyard.

me: Uhh…squirrel?

Jack: Yes! (runs away down the hall)

me: (yelling to him) Why???

Jack: I’m setting a trap. Do you think they like tuna fish sandwiches?

me: No. Wait. What trap?

Jack: Tigers love tuna fish sandwiches (Hobbes). They’re kind of stupid that way. I mean S-word. Sorry.

me: We’re not catching squirrels with tunafish.

Jack: Awwww, you never let me do anything.


And of course we had this conversation:

Jack: Mom, can I duplicate myself?

me: I don’t know, can you? (hahahaha)

Jack: I mean CAN I duplicate myself so I don’t have to go to school? Uh… what’s duplicate mean?

me: Make a copy of yourself.

Jack: An exact copy?

me: Exactly.

Jack: Yes! Then my duplicate can go to school and I can watch videos.

me: What if the duplicate thinks he’s the real Jack and YOU’RE the duplicate and he makes YOU go to school?

Jack: (ponders) That would never happen. A duplicate always knows he’s a duplicate.

me: Interesting that you know these rules, considering that up until 2 minutes ago you didn’t even know what duplicate meant.

Jack: Is that you being sarcastic again???


What have I done? Created a mini monster! But you know, I kinda like it. Am I weird??

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