Wookie Steak

Jack in his Chewbacca fur


Jack: Mom, let’s play Wookie, and dinner can be special Wookie Steak, okay? Only Wookies eat it.

me: Okay, you’re the boss! (I serve up the steak and pasta)

Jack: (whispering) Now say how only Wookies can eat this steak…

me: Today we’re having a special treat! Wookie Steak! You have to eat this, especially if you’re a Wookie…(Jack frantically gesturing) I mean, ONLY if you’re a Wookie, because it makes your fur really thick and shiny.

Jack: (shoveling in 3 bites) It’s really good too!

me: And, if you don’t eat your Wookie steak, your fur will get all nasty and disgusting and people will usually think you’re a gorilla. Gross!

Jack: Pretend you’re someone that saw me and I never ate my steak.

me: Whoa, sir, look at that fur! I can tell you haven’t been eating your Wookie steak. You’re all gross looking, like a gorilla for Pete’s sake.

Jack: Noooooo! They wouldn’t know that!!!!

me: You just told me to say that.

Jack: No! The people wouldn’t know that I was a Wookie that didn’t eat my steak. Because if I really DIDN’T eat the steak then I would look JUST like a gorilla! They wouldn’t know I was a Wookie at ALL!

me: Sheesh, technicality city over here.

Jack: Just start over and this time get all the facts right.

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