Jack’s 2nd book review – Goosebumps Ghost Beach

Today Jack is reviewing a book in the Goosebumps series called Ghost Beach. He seemed to really enjoy this book, and actually read it twice. That has to be high praise when you’re 6 and have next to zero attention span.

(Should I tell you that Jack is pooping while we conduct this interview? Sure, why not. It’s the only way he’ll sit still for a minute so I can ask him some questions. And I think the visual helps.)

me: So what did you think of this book?

Jack: It was pretty good, and it was cool, that’s all.

me: What was your favorite part?

Jack: Ohhhh when they were in the cemetery and hands were popping up.

me: Didn’t that scare you?

Jack: No, because it wasn’t real. They just made it up.

me: Would you read it again?

Jack: Maybe…

me: What about other kids reading it, would you recommend it?

Jack: It’s pretty scary, so they would have to be at least 6 years and older to read it.

me: Was it hard for you to read, like lots of big words?

Jack: Not really.

me: What do you do if you come across a word that you don’t know.

Jack: Uhhh, just sound it out.

me: But what if you don’t know what it means?

Jack: Mom, I just ask YOU!

me: Oh, true… So should we get more Goosebumps books?

Jack: That’s probably the only one.

me: Why do you think that?

Jack: It doesn’t have a number or anything.

me: I think there are like hundreds of Goosebumps books.

Jack: No. How do you know?

me: I’ve seen them before. They’ve been around for years.

Jack: Well bring one over here and prove it.

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