Blackmail. Wait? What?

What Ed does best. Napping.

Jack: (reading. what else.) Blackmail! Awesome! They’re gonna blackmail the babysitter. Ha hahahahahaaaaaa!

me: (waiting)

Jack: Mom?

me: Yeah?

Jack: What is blackmail anyway?

me: It’s when you force someone to do something because you’ll tell on them or get in trouble or something.

Jack: Oh this is SOOOO funny! They’re gonna blackmail the babysitter so she doesn’t make them go to bed early.

me: Cool. It’s not usually a nice thing, by the way…

(later at dinner)

Jack: You have to give me 5 dollars or I’m gonna blackmail you and tell Dad.

me: Tell Dad WHAT?

Jack: Tell him you won’t give me 5 dollars of course!

me: (spitting my drink out laughing) Jack you’re priceless.

Jack: Matter of fact, make it 8 dollars.

(Love this kid. How can you not?)

Anyway I also want to update you on our third pet “Chewbacca” the caterpillar. Remember the basil poop? (Yeah you have to scroll down in that post…) Well, that little guy is here to stay. He’s got a slammin’ apartment and everything. Basically eats and poops while I add more food and clean up more poop as he gets bigger. He (she? it?) was green and little. Then he turned white. Then brown! All signs point to him Moth-ing soon. I put a tub of dirt in his house in case he’s the kind of thing that digs when he has to moth. Not sure if he’s the hanging kind of mothy-type-of-guy. Whatever those words are, feel free to correct me. Chrysalis? Molt? Pupate? Eh, you get the drift. I will keep you all posted due to the collective holding of breath. I know. It IS exciting. 🙂

So on with the show! And some extra pictures just because. Because you’re here reading. That’s why!

Oh and I lost a toenail in tae kwon do tonight. Just wanted to tell…someone!

Look! He's big! And brown!
Very comfortable abode.
Wading in a pond up in MA last weekend. Turns out pond was closed for "contamination", but the sign had fallen over.
Cloud that looks like shoes I bought. See it? Pointy toe on the left, wedge heel on the right. Ankle strap??
What Bella does best. She's always right "here" (point-point).

13 thoughts on “Blackmail. Wait? What?”

    1. LOL! I did try to look up and see what kind of caterpillar it was. No luck anywhere. Then I saw how some caterpillars dig into the dirt before they pupate. Well, I covered all the bases just in case! But the thing is eating more and more and pooping more and more. I’m starting to get worried.


  1. You should send your pic to whatsthatbug.com. They can probably Hite you more info and respond pretty quickly. 😉


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