Just when you think it’s getting all deep…

(forgot to post this last night…fell asleep!)

Jack: (climbing into bed) I have to tell you something private. (he leans over to whisper) I’m scared to die.

me: Awww…yeah? (I hug him) Everyone dies some day.

Jack: How long does our body stay in the ground, like forever and ever?

me: Pretty much.

Jack: But we go up to heaven?

me: So they say.

Jack: What if there’s nothing fun to do up there???

me: I’m sure God has that covered.

Jack: Ohhh, I don’t know…. (he gets quiet and I can see the wheels turning)

me: (after a minute or two) Are you still picturing heaven?

Jack: No! These mosquito bites are driving me crazy…get the cream lady!

me: Sigh..

Just when you think they’re getting all deep in thought, kids will prove you wrong. Ha ha. It reminds me of a similar thing that happened to my brother, when he was about the same age as Jack, or maybe he was 7? I was (gasp) 23, and talking to my sister who was 18. We were talking about the Ouija board and ghosts and witches, and we sort of forgot John was in the room with us. I looked over at him, horrified as to what he might have just heard, or the nightmares he would have that night. He looked up with this weird expression and said “I wonder how they make paper?” My sister and I cracked up because he wasn’t even listening to us. We worry too much sometimes.

5 thoughts on “Just when you think it’s getting all deep…”

  1. I gues thats just what kids are but I think it’s not bad that he already asks these questions! In about ten years, he will have his mind completely focus on other things and maybe then you’ll wish he would talk about stuff like this.

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    1. And here I am about 9 years later 🙂 I can’t get Jack to take off his headphones to have any type of conversation. LOL!


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